What do you want out of college?

Below are some responses from students in Michigan:

“I plan on going to college to not only to open up more job opportunities but also to be able to experience new experiences. I think college will educate me not only on what I plan to be but also on many parts of life, how to be an adult. I want to learn and have fun while opening up doorways for my future.”


“In college, I want to become a better person. I want to not only gain information but also gain valuable life experiences. But, I find it very important to go to college, so I can be successful in life. With success comes money.”


“I want to get a higher paying job and a higher education also but I want more out of my college experience. Yes, I want have more knowledge and know what I’m doing at my job but college is supposed to be more than that in my opinion. I want to learn about something that I want to do in the future and have fun and like my future job. I don’t want to be the person to wake up every morning and realize that I have to go to my horrible job. College is supposed to help you find a job or a major that you like and want to succeed in. That’s what I want out of college.”




“There are many things that I hope to get out of college, other than a higher education beyond high school. I would like to learn independence and learn how to better communicate with other people. The most important thing that I hope to get out of college is the education I need for a secure job in the future. I want to meet new people and study abroad. I know that there are many people that are not in college for the right reasons but I know what I want from it and I know that I will benefit greatly from it.”



“What College Graduates Regret” by Eleanor Barkhorn


The above link connects to an article from The Atlantic which discusses a recent Pew Study of college graduates’ regrets.

What is your college regret? Answer the poll below.

14 Things I Wish I Knew Before College

Thought Catalog

I’ve been home for the past month, when I’m not binge-watching Netflix and stalking my college friends on Facebook, I’m helping my sister with the college process. The other night, we were doing the College Board search to help you determine compatible colleges, and I realized that there was a lot I wish I knew before I not only started college, but decided which college to attend.

1.You’re not special

I know, I know. In high school, you were class president and led your team to the state championship, all while getting a 4.0. You were homecoming king/queen or you spent every weekend studying to get into Harvard. Not only did everyone else work as hard, if not harder, to get into your college, but no one cares about who you were in high school. Nor do they care about your SAT/ACT score. And if they do, they are…

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“Wordle” Word Cloud

Below is a word cloud generated by questions posed by students in Julianne Gavino’s ART 332 class.

Oh my Wordle


The discussion was prompted with what kind of information students may have asked themselves or wished they knew when they first attended college. Students responded and asked various questions, such as:

  • Where do I go? – for resources, to find my class, for parking
  • Did I register for the right classes?
  • How can I familiarize myself with the many campus resources?
  • What is the social dynamic like?
  • Where is the well from The Ring (movie)?
  • Why is the Bell Tower like a labyrinth?
  • Is this place really haunted?

The word cloud image as well as the sample of questions can be seen on display at the Broome Library on the campus of CSU Channel Islands.


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Large-scale vinyl prints of the above QR codes have been installed in the Broome Library at the campus of CSU Channel Islands for the month of April, 2014, in part of artist Van C. Tran’s artist in residency at CSU CI. Anyone with the desire to share and learn about another’s college experience can participate. You do not need to be a student and affiliation with CSU Channel Islands is not required. To submit your own wisdom, click here.

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