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Recap on Artist’s Visit & Talk

Last Tuesday I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Julianne Gavino’s 332 Multicultural Art Movements classes at CSU Channel Islands.

We began the morning with a tour of the installed work located in the Broome Library. Students were able to see firsthand the display case of visualized information and the installed QR Code banners along the glass railing located above the reading room.


Following the tour, I had the chance to hear some comments from the students on their thoughts about the work and then led them on a writing exercise. Students had a moment to respond to the prompt, “What’s in it for you?” where “it” referred to their investment in their college education.


Check out the installed graphics in person, should you find yourself on the CI campus this month. Additionally, I’ll be making some periodic updates soon with submissions from participants.



Quick Update on Biggest Regret in College

Last week I submitted a post related to the Atlantic article, which highlights a recent Pew Study of what college graduates regret. Additionally, I added my own poll to see what others had to say for themselves, and as a result I came across this particular sharp response from an anonymous submission:

“Having to work 30+ hours while taking 18 units”

What’s your biggest regret in college? Take the poll below.

“What College Graduates Regret” by Eleanor Barkhorn

The above link connects to an article from The Atlantic which discusses a recent Pew Study of college graduates’ regrets.

What is your college regret? Answer the poll below.

14 Things I Wish I Knew Before College

Thought Catalog

I’ve been home for the past month, when I’m not binge-watching Netflix and stalking my college friends on Facebook, I’m helping my sister with the college process. The other night, we were doing the College Board search to help you determine compatible colleges, and I realized that there was a lot I wish I knew before I not only started college, but decided which college to attend.

1.You’re not special

I know, I know. In high school, you were class president and led your team to the state championship, all while getting a 4.0. You were homecoming king/queen or you spent every weekend studying to get into Harvard. Not only did everyone else work as hard, if not harder, to get into your college, but no one cares about who you were in high school. Nor do they care about your SAT/ACT score. And if they do, they are…

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Welcome to Campus Wisdom!

Campus Wisdom is a participatory online archive of shared wisdom for the college-driven.

Large-scale vinyl prints of the above QR codes have been installed in the Broome Library at the campus of CSU Channel Islands for the month of April, 2014, in part of artist Van C. Tran’s artist in residency at CSU CI. Anyone with the desire to share and learn about another’s college experience can participate. You do not need to be a student and affiliation with CSU Channel Islands is not required. To submit your own wisdom, click here.

Please stay posted for future news and updates. Click on either of the links below to get connected to what’s happening at the Broome Library:

Link to Broome Library webpage

Broome Library Facebook page