“What’s in it for you?” Channel Islands speaks (part 1 of 3)

Last Tuesday I had the honor of talking to two Multicultural Art Movements classes instructed by Julianne P. Gavino. A couple dozen students responded to my question about college: “What’s in it for you?” during our writing workshop. Others also gave their input on what  college advice they have to share.

Below are seven responses that were submitted. I’ll be posting more submissions over the next couple of days. If you are interested in submitting your two cents, feel free to use the feedback submission form entitled, “Submit Your Wisdom” on this blog site.



Seven responses to, “What’s in it for you?”, or “What Wisdom Would you Like to Share About College?”

“I wish I could learn from my past mistakes with procrastinating, although I continue to procrastinate through my semesters I really really do not suggest it.”



“Don’t let your time away from loved ones spent in class let you stray down a regretful path. The grass is greener where you water it. (Cliche but true)”



“What’s in it for you? I hope attending CI will give me the proper knowledge needed for attending a good graduate program in San Francisco. I hope it builds the foundation I need to obtain a PhD later on in life.”



“Follow your own advice.”



“College is an opportunity to earn a degree, and gain practical experience and knowledge to help you in the scheme of life. As a student you face challenges everday. With those challenges, many obstacles and adversities come up that will help you down the road. However, with external extremeties you have to keep on track and realize why you are here-to finish what you have started.”



“Time management is the key for success. You can accomplish so much as long as you have a balanced life.”



“College life, Parties, a great future, parts of college that draw most people. Unlike most other college undergrad students, I wish to gain my degree for primarily for educational value. I do not see a degree as a ticket to a great career, rather a chance at learning about a subject at a higher level.”






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