What do you want out of college?

Below are some responses from students in Michigan:

“I plan on going to college to not only to open up more job opportunities but also to be able to experience new experiences. I think college will educate me not only on what I plan to be but also on many parts of life, how to be an adult. I want to learn and have fun while opening up doorways for my future.”


“In college, I want to become a better person. I want to not only gain information but also gain valuable life experiences. But, I find it very important to go to college, so I can be successful in life. With success comes money.”


“I want to get a higher paying job and a higher education also but I want more out of my college experience. Yes, I want have more knowledge and know what I’m doing at my job but college is supposed to be more than that in my opinion. I want to learn about something that I want to do in the future and have fun and like my future job. I don’t want to be the person to wake up every morning and realize that I have to go to my horrible job. College is supposed to help you find a job or a major that you like and want to succeed in. That’s what I want out of college.”




“There are many things that I hope to get out of college, other than a higher education beyond high school. I would like to learn independence and learn how to better communicate with other people. The most important thing that I hope to get out of college is the education I need for a secure job in the future. I want to meet new people and study abroad. I know that there are many people that are not in college for the right reasons but I know what I want from it and I know that I will benefit greatly from it.”



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