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“Wordle” Word Cloud

Below is a word cloud generated by questions posed by students in Julianne Gavino’s ART 332 class.

Oh my Wordle


The discussion was prompted with what kind of information students may have asked themselves or wished they knew when they first attended college. Students responded and asked various questions, such as:

  • Where do I go? – for resources, to find my class, for parking
  • Did I register for the right classes?
  • How can I familiarize myself with the many campus resources?
  • What is the social dynamic like?
  • Where is the well from The Ring (movie)?
  • Why is the Bell Tower like a labyrinth?
  • Is this place really haunted?

The word cloud image as well as the sample of questions can be seen on display at the Broome Library on the campus of CSU Channel Islands.